City Dining

Palette knife painting of a city at night


The fox symbolizes cleverness, slyness, and is known in some cultures as being a trickster. In other cultures like the Celtic belief system, the fox is seen as a spirit guide, who helps you navigate the spirit world. Foxes are symbols of spirituality, creation, omens, and the afterlife.

How it Feels

Me standing in front of my easel

One must have a sense of humor to get through life


One of those days

Today I just decided to play around to see what came out.

Thank You!

Just want to say a big “thank you” to all the new followers to the page, I really appreciate it.

Oil painting with brush and palette knife


I have some big projects at the moment so i did this on the evening as a relaxation / doodle


Putting my brother’s birthday present to good use, Encyclopedia of world wildlife, Thanks Bro!

Oils and acrylics on canvas, for this painting I used a palette knife


Maltese Fishing Boats

Oil painting on acrylic paper